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2011 Energy Credits



In late 2010, Congress extended the credits for Nonbusiness Energy Property for improvements by the taxpayer to their esisting primary residence through 2011. However, the credit is not as generous as the amounts allowed in 2009 and 2010.


Basically, the credit is still 10% of qualifying property, but the maximum cumulative amount is limited to $500, provided that credits of $500 or more have not been taken since 2005. In addition, almost every catagory of energy property has additional lower ceiling limits.


Eligible Efficiency Technologies property generally include Water Heaters, Furnaces , Boilers, Heat pumps, Central Air conditioners, Building Insulation, Windows, Doors, Roofs, and Circulating fans used in a qualifying furnace. Other eligible items include Biomass and Stoves that use qualified biomass fuel.


There are also credits available for certain energy efficient vehicles, but the choices continue to be limited as time passes.


Determination of available credits is sometimes a difficult and complex process. Please contact us so that we may assist you in determining what is available in your particular circumstances. You can not assume the credit is available just because you made an energy efficient purchase.



The above explanations are for informational purposes only and may not contain all the specifics of the provisions discussed. Clients should contact us to determine if a specific item applies to your situation.


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